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Kitchen Remodel Do's and Don'ts


Probably the biggest “Do” on the list.

  • Gather pictures

    • Pinterest, Etsy, magazines etc.

    • Make notes of what you do and don’t like

  • Choose colors, styles, fixtures, lighting, layout etc.

  • Have as much information and as many ideas ready for your designer as possible


Don’t overlook the small things:

  • Outlet placement

  • Light placement

  • Workspace form and function (go beyond the “kitchen triangle”)

  • Traffic flow


Knowing what you want, how you plan to use your space and how you want everything organized is the key to making any project a success; especially a kitchen project. A qualified designer, someone who gets to know you, your style and your intent can bring your thoughts and ideas to life.



Do - work with a budget unless you’re amongst the fortunate few without those common constraints. 

  • Estimate your costs

    • Plumbing

    • Plumbing fixtures

    • Electrical

    • Lighting fixtures

    • Flooring

    • Cabinets

    • Backsplash

    • Countertops

    • Appliances

  • Build a financial spreadsheet to track your expenses within each category

  • Anticipate overages. Add 20% to your budget for unexpected expenses and desires.


Stick with the budget where you can!!! Self-discipline goes a long way. 

  • If you need to make budget cuts, make them on items that are easily upgraded later.

    • Counter tops

    • Fixtures

    • Appliances

    • Even flooring

  • These items can usually be upgraded later without major work

  • Don’t compromise on the quality of your cabinets to save money, its expensive and difficult to change your mind later.


Don’t make rushed decisions, they cost a lot of time and money. Think it through, get value for your purchases and stay within your budget.


Contractor Choice


Do Get to know your contractor.

  • Do get to know your contractor.

  • Don’t accept blind referrals, read reviews, ask questions and talk to your contractors past clients

  • Choose local

  • Look for established contractors

  • If possible, find someone with a store front where you can see and experience products in person



  • Do find out where your contractor gets his/her supplies.

  • Learn about where your contractors’ materials come from. 

    • A well-constructed Amish made cabinet will truly be heirloom quality, will last generations and will have components made of solid wood and/or thick plywood.

    • A big box store product will have internal components made from particle board or pressboard, will use staples vs screws and will likely have a lesser quality finish. In the end, the lesser expensive product will have to be replaced far sooner and likely won’t perform near as well or as long.



  • Don’t be surprised by a long duration project planning; decisions take time to make.

  • Do be positive

    • Good planning will minimize the disruption to your life

    • Our typical on-site work time is 3 to 5 days for kitchens with layouts are similar to the original; more complex projects like moving walls and/or appliances, rerouting plumbing, electrical and/or HVAC (major redesigns) can take up to several weeks to complete the on-site work.

    • Counter tops will take on average 2 to 3 weeks and can’t be started until cabinets are installed.

  • Be aware, mechanical changes like moving walls, HVAC, electrical and plumbing will all add to this timeline and each discipline can have delays.

    • Some can be done before cabinets are installed

    • Some need to wait for other aspects of the project to be completed first

  • The longest part of most remodel projects… deciding (choosing), planning and designing the project.


Don’t forget the finish!!!

  • Upon completion on countertop installation…

    • tile and backsplash work can commence

    • flooring and trim

    • electrical outlets, switches and covers

    • Appliances install


Plan for delays, fabrication and contractor availability issues, product availability issues (your appliances or hardware or some other ordered item may be delayed unexpectedly). Know your space and your lives will be disrupted for some time to complete your project. Stick with it and see your dreams become a reality.